Weekly #49 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

While we’re working hard to release FIT14, some links to spice up the wait:

Want to visit our Device Lab? We’re part of the “Open Device Lab“! Visit us in Cologne, we’ve got devices waiting to test your web project. Too lazy to test it yourself? Get in touch with our QA team.

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Your Tools, Your Rules – Sevenval Announces FIT14

A Revolutionary Software for Responsive Web Design Projects

  • Sevenval FIT14 accelerates and improves responsive multi-channel websites while reducing required maintenance
  • The software optimizes quality and performance of websites using any browser on any device

Berlin, Germany, August 19, 2014 – In order to have a leg up on the competition, website operators have to deliver their customers an error-free quality online experience across all devices. Responsive Web Design is no longer enough due to device and browser fragmentation, as well as the ever-changing standards in web. Sevenval’s solution enables automatic browser and device detection. FIT 14 ensures websites perform strong, for all users, in any situation. Sevenval’s clients are both well-prepared for future trends and benefit from the reduced demand on maintenance. Continue reading

Beachvolleyball, BBQ und Beisammensein

Das Sevenval Sommergrillen – eine Kölner Tradition die wir am Standort Berlin seit 2012 gern übernommen haben – fand dieses Mal am Beach Mitte statt. Zusammen mit den Teams von Sensorberg und Applause wurde Beachvolleyball und Badminton gezockt. Dazu gab es Sonnenschein, Gegrilltes und Geschnatter. Es hat wirklich Spaß gemacht!.

Hier ein paar Eindrücke von einem ganz sportiven und auch gemütlichen Abend:

sevenval_bbq - 0,5MB

Im September gibt es Bilder zum Kölner Sommergrillen.

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Weekly #48 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

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Weekly #47 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

Hey, it’s Friday – time for a weekly rundown:

… and last but not least :D

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Over 60.000 Unique Clients in the Market today

Device + browser + browser version + OS + OS version = Unique client.

We had a look into our Client Description Repository, here are the latest results:

  • 63.215 Unique Clients today
  • most popular mobile platform: Open Handset Alliance (Android)
  • leading mobile Device: Apple iPhone 5s
  • most used Browser: Open Handset Alliance Built-in (Android)
  • latest OS-Version: 7.1 version by apple
  • less used OS: ENEA

We keep you posted, stay tuned!

FITML 4 Processor 7.1.36

We have just released a new version of our FITML 4 Processor. fitml.com is as usual already running the latest version. Login to use the documentation links below.

New mobile operating systems

Windows Phone 8.1 and iOS 8 (beta) have been released and along came a few bugs or behavioral changes that we had to deal with. Changes in JavaScript events (Windows Phone 8.1) and CSS bugs (iOS 8) mostly affected moduleSlider and moduleScroll which we had to fix. Differences in viewport behavior (Windows Phone 8) made us review the way we detect viewport sizes and device pixel ratios. This lead to better results in image quality on both Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1.

Complete list of changes

Bug fixes

  • Forms that are nested in moduleScroll now perform a lot better on iOS 8 devices.
  • A bug was fixed that possibly caused Windows Phone 8.1 devices to show the wrong slider element(s) after orientation change.
  • Fixed a bug where Windows Phone 8.1 devices and some Desktop Browsers would behave unexpectedly when nesting moduleSlider within another moduleSlider with the same slide direction.
  • Fixed a bug in Embedded Browsing for Mobile IE 11 when navigating backwards.
  • Fixed blurred text in nested moduleScrolls or moduleSliders in iOS 8.
  • Fixed problems with viewport and pixel density, resulting in different browser_width / browser_height and better images for Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1.
  • Fixed a bug with disabled moduleSlider following another moduleSlider.

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