Weekly #45 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

Weekly #44 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

Twitter hits record with World Cup: 32,1 Mio. Tweets on Finals: https://twitter.com/isasun/status/488495988907466752

In 2015 more tablets than PCs will be sold: http://gigaom.com/2014/07/07/despite-slowing-growth-tablet-sales-expected-to-overtake-pcs-next-year/

Isn’t it beautiful? Longform blog posts with crafthttp://alistapart.com/blog/post/longform-content-with-craft-matrix/

89% of devices are using iOS 7:

Some news on proposed Level 4 Media Queries:

Gif is dead, long live webm: http://blog.smartbear.com/devops/gif-is-dead-long-live-webm/?imm_mid=0bfae5&cmp=em-velocity-na-na-newsltr_20140711_elist

Developer Week 2014 vom 14.-17. Juli 2014 in Nürnberg


Die Entwickler-Konferenz für Mobile Web und .NET.

Unser CTO, Roland Guelle (@rolandguelle) freut sich schon auf das spannende Programm der Developer Week (#DWX2014). In diesem Jahr spricht er über


Wann? Am 15.07.2014 von 17:45 – 18:45 Uhr
Wo? Im Nürnberg Convention Center (NCC)


Mobile Geräte geben den Takt vor und der Desktop-PC wird zum Legacy-Gerät. Smartphones und Tablets beschleunigen heute die Entwicklung der Webtechnologie und machen Responsive Design zur Pflicht. Daher sind die Anforderungen einer heterogenen Geräte- und Browserlandschaft im Jahr 2014 die größten Herausforderungen bei der Frontend-Entwicklung. Die ständige Anpassung an immer neue Updates und Innovationen bedarf der Automatisierung und einer schlüssigen Toolchain. Jeder technische Ansatz hat Auswirkungen auf das Projekt, die Folgekosten, die Infrastruktur und kommende Requirements. Nur wer den Return on Investment für sein Webprojekt im Blick hat, trifft die richtigen Entscheidungen bei der Auswahl von Methodik und Tools.

mehr unter developerweek.com/program 

Die Developer Week (DWX) bündelt vom 14. – 17. Juli 2014 in Nürnberg die bekannten Veranstaltungsformate WDC (Web Developer Conference), MDC (Mobile Developer Conference) und DDC (.NET Developer Conference) in einer Woche und an einem Ort.

Renommierte Experten präsentieren den Teilnehmern an vier Tagen die neuesten Technologien und elementaren Grundlagen – aus der Praxis für die alltägliche Praxis. Workshops vertiefen das neu gewonnene Wissen, Abendveranstaltungen in lockerer Atmosphäre bieten Gelegenheit zum Erfahrungs- und Meinungsaustausch.

Die DWX richtet sich an Entwickler von Web-Applikationen, Content- und Online-Manager, Agenturen und Webmaster, .NET, Visual Basic, C++, VBA Softwareentwickler und Mobile-Entwickler.

Sevenval ist offizieller Partner der Developer Week!

Increased customer satisfaction – reduced stress: Sevenval strengthens quality assurance by co-operating with global app quality management leader Applause

  • Sevenval widens internal quality assurance with external experts from Applause
  • Partnership enables extensive scaling of Sevenval’s current offering and adds professional testing services in the area of Quality Assurance, User Experience, Loadperformance, Localization and Security.
  • Through this partnership, Sevenval offers world-class quality assurance for apps, online shops and gateways for every device, operating system and browser

Berlin, 07.07 2014 – Sevenval, the leading provider of web technologies, expands its quality assurance to a full-service portfolio. The company integrates its experience and know-how from hundreds of projects for both international and national clients over the past 12 years into a comprehensive testing service. Continue reading

weekly #42 Links about Frontend & Mobile

Why wait for the weekend to have fun ;) –  it´s friday and we offer some interesting links: 

  • RWD - Why #RWD is the cornerstone to any mobile strategy ?click businss2community.com  
  • Mobile First Design: why its great and why it sucks? have a look at designshack.net 
  • Web Performance Optimization (#wpo) - How to loose weight in the webarticle by Timo Krotzky (german)
  • Especially e-commerce benefited from mobile advertising – Clickthrough rates (CTRs) are higher on mobile devices than on PCs across most industry verticals – download the study by criterio here mobile flash report


Playground @sevenval

In case it´s needed…

Foto (13)

What do you do, if the kindergarden is closed, Grandma and Grandpa cannot help out and the project needs your urgent support?

Sometimes you need just a few hours and sometimes an entire business day.

Sevenval supports our families with children. In case of need, we provide a solution. As of now, there is a Sevenval playground in Berlin and Cologne.

We offer our kids the ability to play, paint or build.

The kids are welcome here at Sevenval !

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weekly #41 Links about Frontend & Mobile

“What are your goals?” 
Go for some news about online payment, mobile first and beacon technology:

online payment:

  • iOS Users Are A Much Bigger Revenue Opportunity For Mobile Payments Companies Than Android Users
    a survey from The Yankee Group, compiled by BI Intelligence
mobile first:
According to a study by inMarket, the use of beacons (Apple brands these as iBeacons) caused
  • a 19x increase of interactions with advertised products in retail stores,
  • a 16.5x increase in app usage in-store and
  • a 6.4x increase in the likelihood that a shopper kept an app that sent them a beacon message on their phonessee www.techcrunch.com

Weekly #40 / Links about Frontend & Mobile

#tgif – as usual, here are some interesting links about mobile first, ecommerce, ibeacons and RWD.
  • State of the iBeacons: Infochart
  • CIO: Enterprises must focus on application management to enable “mobile-first” business: www.cio.com 
  • IRCE hot Topic: Mobile commerce Responsive web design is arguably the most important subject in mobile commerce today.
  • Web design companies awarded for excellence in RWD – mobile app alternative