Trend: iBeacon: Sevenvals Mobile Marketing Unit designs first indoor navigation projects for airports and railway stations

  • Beacon technology enables targeted communication at every location with travelers and consumers
  • Indoor navigation is feasible for large facilities with a minimum budget of 200.000 €

Berlin/Cologne, 16th of April 2014 – Sevenval’s Mobile Marketing unit ( has developed the first Beacon concepts for airports and railway stations. The team is specialized in developing mobile solutions and services. This includes all possible communications and promotional actions as well as customer loyalty programs for clients such as Sky Deutschland AG and the Telefónica GmbH.

For the installation of a Beacon network as well as a content management system, Sevenval was able to get the Beacon specialist Sensorberg on board. Both companies are cooperating in the development of functional and professional indoor navigation projects. Continue reading

The Incredible Machine – Automate everything…

Grunt, SaaS, Less, node.js,, vagrant, docker, graphite, kibana, web, native, chrome, iOS, jenkins, git, yeoman …have we missed something?

Als traditionellen Sevenval Hackathon haben wir #Thewoodhack zwischen Berlin und Köln im beschaulichen Duderstadt organisiert. Entgegen aller Sorgen hat die Internetanbindung gut funktioniert, erst Samstagnachmittag hat die Drosselkom der Unterkunft den Hahn abgedreht. Dank LTE konnten wir uns aber wieder mit der digitalen Welt verbinden.

Mit der Automatisierung und Verkettung von Prozessen haben wir gut zwei Tage mit 30 Leuten geilen Krams (Dinge, die man schon lange machen will, aber der berühmte verregnete Samstagnachmittag einfach nicht kommen will) gebaut, von der automatischen Buildumgebung im Docker über  Blamebots für faule Kollegen die sich nicht an Coding Guidelines halten bis hin zum Company Quizduell um das übliche “Company Sprech” zu lernen (automatisiertes Lernen beim Spielen – schlau, wa’?).

Zwischen Grillen und Bier trinken haben wir zwölf Ideen hochgezogen…

… viele der Ideen werden wir weiter ausarbeiten und in unsere tägliche Arbeit integrieren. Am Ende ist es doch immer wieder faszinierend, wie produktiv man ohne Meetings, Kunden, Mails und Daily Business ist :)


Sebastian: “Bei unserem internen Hackathon lerne ich mehr, als auf vielen Konferenzen. Es ist beeindruckend was die unterschiedlichen Kollegen für ein Know-how haben”.


Jan: “Gerade bei zwei Standorten ist es total toll mit den Kollegen mal ohne Projektstress zu arbeiten.”

2014-03-28 15.59.31

Martin (Human Ressources Manager): “Der Sevenval Hackathon ist ein fester Teil in unserem Schulungskonzept. Der Austausch zwischen den Standorten, Teams und Fachbereichen vereint die Faszination Informatik”


Walter: “Endlich kann ich beim Kickern den Berlinern zeigen, warum der FC in die 1. Liga gehört”.

Die Planung für unseren nächsten Hackathon läuft gerade an.
Wir freuen uns, wenn Du dabei bist:

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“Social Cloud” by Mercedes-Benz Sevenval implements OneWeb project for most successful automotive brand in social web


  • Sevenval creates a high-performance platform for the bundling of all social media channels on a single site
  • RESS server reduces loading times across all devices for OneWeb delivery
  • FIT Software reduces operating costs, as future devices are also supported
  • New social media channels can be added easily and quickly

Cologne, 02.04.2014 – Sevenval (, the leading provider of web technologies, has realised the technical implementation of Mercedes-Benz’s “Social Cloud” ( This unique OneWeb project adjoins all publications relating to the automobile manufacturer from independent sources like blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, in addition to content from its own social media channels, on to one single website. Continue reading

Welcome to Unchartered Waters – Is the IT Ready for Mobile Web?


The technical development of the smartphone browser:

The hype “mobile first” is no longer relevant, but rather a requirement. Desktop has been ousted by mobile. This has caused a surge of innovation in web. Developers are facing new challenges. The integration of mobile into web projects from development to launch.

Sevenval’s CTO Roland Guelle (@rolandguelle) will speak about the technological development of smartphone browser at the 7th CIO & IT-Manager Summit 2014. Guelle will share insights on the integration of mobile into web projects from development to operation.

When: March 27th, 2014 at 09:30 A.M.
Where: Event & Catering-Park GmbH COLOSSEUM XXI, Vienna
Stream III room”Kamin Zimmer”

FITML 4 Processor 7.1.34

We have just released a new version of our FITML 4 Processor. is as usual already running the latest version. Login to use the documentation links below.

The 7.1.34 maintenance release, while focusing on bugfixing, brings enhancements to the clientAPI and moduleScroll and is – of course – iOS 7.1 proof.

moduleScroll enhancements

While moduleScroll now will no longer show scroll bars when there is no content overflowing the original container it got a new attribute, too. With auto-deactivate-scroll="true" the module will not offer any touch feedback at all in case there is no overflowing content.

Client API enhancements

The client API is used to retrieve data from a markup document in different formats, for example JSON. By defining attributes such as api-name and api-type you can control how the data can be accessed and by setting the apiVer URL mark accordingly you control the format. Continue reading

M-Dot, Multi- Channel or OneWeb? Sevenval @the Responsive Web Experts Day

Munich, 20 March 2014 – we are faced with the ever-increasing fragmentation of devices and browsers on a daily basis. Responsive design poses challenges in terms of conception and technology,which are difficult to image  and maintain with pure frontend technologies.  RESS (Responsive Web Design with Server-side Components) is one step ahead keeping up with constant changes like new devices, browser  and operating system updates,  and is supported by servers.
As part of the Mobile Tech Conference 2014, Sevenval’s CTO Roland Guelle will speak about various practical approaches, as well as the current pros and cons of RESS. Guelle will answer the question of how best to implement and integrate RESS in own projects. In addition, Guelle will share tips on choosing the right model for specific projects, whether that be for a local tennis club or a large corporation.
When: Thursday, 20th
March 2014, 09:00 to 10:30
Where: Forum 16, Holiday Inn City Centre Munich

Rails Girls Cologne May 23+24

sponsored by Sevenval


Rails Girls is back in town! During the Interactive Cologne Festival we’ll dive again into the magical world of Ruby on Rails. Join the free two-day workshop, have fun and start coding!

Apply now! Applications are open until May 9th.

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Thorsten May is appointed as COO and additional Managing Director at Sevenval

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-20 um 09.19.57
Berlin / Cologne, 17 March 2014 – Thorsten May serves as the Managing Director and COO of at Sevenval (
Since joining Sevenval in 2007, May has managed 500 Mobile and OneWeb projects.
Prior to 2007, May filled various national and international management positions for the Vodafone Group. Among other responsibilities, May lead the introduction of services and IT platforms for the initial launch of the mobile internet in the telecommunications industry. May finished his studies in electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen university.